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Mr. Serratore’s evaluative approach to mediating employment cases has enabled him to achieve an extraordinarily high rate of success.

His vast experience litigating business and employment cases on behalf of individuals and businesses uniquely qualifies Mr. Serratore to relate to both sides of the bar and understand the different issues they face in protracted litigation. Mr. Serratore combines this experience with intensive preparation, innovation and persistence to resolve even the most difficult disputes.

How the Mediation Process Is initiated

A hearing date may be booked by calling our office or by submitting an e-mail.

We require the following information:

  • Case name and venue
  • Lawyers involved
  • The parties’ agreement regarding division of the mediation fee
  • Proposed mediation hearing dates
  • Suggested location of mediation

Who Should Attend the Mediation

Both parties absolutely must have someone present who can make legally binding decisions. We require that at least three days before the mediation, the parties disclose the names and capacities of all individuals attending the mediation. Physical attendance by decision makers is critical to a successful mediation.

What Should Be Submitted Before the Mediation

Briefs should be submitted at least five days prior to the mediation hearing.

There is no page limit and briefs should include:

  • Facts
  • Legal claims and basis therefore
  • The complaint or documents initiating the action
  • Procedural background
  • Dispositive motion history
  • If applicable, class certification status
  • Damages evaluations
  • Expert/consultant reports
  • Settlement demands/offers

Legal authorities are unnecessary unless the case involves novel issues of law.

What is Discussed In Advance of the Mediation

After a hearing date has been set and briefs have been submitted, Mr. Serratore will sometimes contact the lawyers to discuss various matters including:

  • Confirmation and logistics of the mediation hearing
  • Parameters and appropriateness of a joint session
  • The mediation hearing attendees
  • Issues that may be resolved to clarify the mediation hearing

Mediation Fee

Mr. Serratore charges a flat rate for all cases. The mediation fee includes all preparation time, pre-hearing telephone conferences, unlimited time at the mediation hearing and follow up communications with counsel, if necessary. Follow up time of more than 5 hours is subject to additional fees on an hourly basis if the matter is resolved. For cases outside of Los Angeles, Orange and Ventura Counties, Mr. Serratore charges an additional fee which includes his travel time and expenses. Please call our office or email clerk@serratorelaw for rates.

When Fee is Due/Cancellations

If full payment is not received in advance of the mediation it may be subject to cancellation. The mediation fee is refundable if the engagement is canceled twenty-one (21) days or more before the scheduled mediation date. The mediation fee is subject to forfeiture if the engagement is canceled or postponed less than twenty-one (21) days before the mediation date, unless the date is re-booked with a different mediation.

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