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  • The secret to Steve's success is his ability to balance experience, empathy and intellectual acuity. He reaches both the attorneys and litigants on the level relevant to each. The institutional client respects his command of the facts, law, and risk assessment, filtered through his extensive litigation experience. The Plaintiff appreciates his understanding of the emotional implications of the case, and his ability to reach them on a meaningful level. Finally, the attorneys respect that Steve was "in the trenches" for many years, and can speak to them in their language. This combination makes him a tremendously effective mediator and one I recommend without hesitation. - Orange County Lawyer
  • Steve Serratore did not give up when the discussions looked like we would not be successful, and ultimately, he did a good job getting a difficult case settled.-Encino Lawyer
  • Steve Serratore mediated a disability case on the eve of trial and used creative recommendations for settlement. My client ended the day extremely happy and I cannot recommend Steve enough. Thanks to Steve for a great job!-Westwood Lawyer
  • Steve Serratore did an excellent job mediating a pre-litigation dispute today.  He worked tirelessly and tenaciously to get the deal done.  I highly recommend him. -Santa Monica Lawyer
  • I mediated my first case today with Steve Serratore. He was fantastic. First, he was super gracious with his time. I never felt like he was on the clock. He handled a difficult case with various compound issues with compassion and honesty.-Woodland Hills Lawyer
  • I had a mediation in San Francisco with Steve Serratore and he did a tremendous job dealing with difficult clients to get the case settled. I highly recommend him.-Los Angeles Lawyer
  • I had an extremely good experience with Steve Serratore as a mediator. He kept after the issues, even after a mediator's proposal fell through and was able to settle the case. For me, the most important quality is a mediator is that he or she is a closer. Steve is a closer.   -Santa Monica Lawyer
  • I had another GREAT experience and GREAT result with Steve Serratore as a mediator.  When other mediators could not get a case settled, Steve did. Steve is worth every penny. -Los Angeles Lawyer
  • I had never used Steve before to mediate a case.  His post-mediation follow-up was relentless and got the case settled.  I give him an A+.- Torrance Lawyer
  • I recently used Steve Serratore as mediator. The issues and mediation were difficult, however, Mr. Serratore remained cheerful and persistent throughout and the case resolved due to Steve’s diligence and hard work. - Riverside Lawyer
  • Steve used his experience and evaluative skills to hone in immediately on the important issues.  Steve demonstrated a skill set that most veteran settlement judges lack, and impressed a very skeptical attorney who does not impress easily. - Encino Lawyer

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