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Focus. Tenacity. Understanding.

Successful employment and business mediations require a prepared, tenacious and creative mediator who understands the law, the issues and the parties with a laser focus on reaching resolution.

Mediation services throughout California and the Western United States.

  • Employment Disputes
  • Business Disputes
  • Personal Injury Disputes
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  • Steve mediated a disability case on the eve of trial and came up with creative recommendations for settlement that made my client extremely happy. I cannot recommend Steve enough.

  • Steve was fantastic. He was gracious with his time and we never felt like he was on the clock. He handled a difficult case with compound issues with compassion and honesty and got it settled.

  • Steve was relentless even after a mediator's proposal fell through and was able to settle our case. The most important quality in a mediator is that he or she is a closer. Steve is a closer.

  • I had another GREAT experience with Steve Serratore as a mediator.  When other mediators could not get our case settled, Steve did. Steve is worth every penny.

  • Institutional clients respect his command of the facts, law, and risk assessment. Attorneys respect that Steve was "in the trenches" for many years, and can speak to them in their language. 

  • Steve’s was relentless in his efforts to resolve our case, which he did.  I give him an A+.

  • Steven Serratore's mediation demonstrated a skill set that most veteran settlement judges lack, and impressed a very skeptical attorney who does not impress easily.

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Steve's Approach

Steven Serratore’s evaluative mediation approach has enabled him to achieve an extraordinarily high rate of success. Steve's vast experience representing employees, employers and businesses uniquely qualifies him to relate to all sides of a dispute.

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